Open mind

Growing up in Cleveland, thoughts and dreams seemed limited at times. Sometimes surroundings and peers could even put us in a mind set that what we see, is all we would get. That struggle was the only opportunity unless, you were a Doctor or Surgeon making over $100,000 a year and even that seem so impossibly. Not many public schools in Cleveland offered great education, surroundings seemed rough and teacher are under paid so some really don’t seem to care. But that doesn’t mean we have to stop dreaming does it? Or does our surroundings put fear in our hearts that forces us to believe we CAN’T? Its Really the mind that freezes our thoughts. Positive thoughts that is. I always had thoughts on becoming a Nurse, a writer, singer and  many other things I grew up to believe I couldn’t do. Nursing school was expensive so I got discourage and all the courses were tough. So I ended that dream! I know giving up right? They have grants, they have tutors and all types of resources I could have used to help with my journey. But I didn’t have a OPEN MIND. I actually allowed fear to shut down my dreams because of all the things I thought I couldn’t do or afford.

I was working at a Hosptial at the time on the food line, making minimum wage. I was also doing hair on the side and nails.

I started to do it so much, I thought why not make it a Career. So I went to hair school to further that dream.

What changed ? I started to realize I needed to have a open mind and I had to change my thoughts to change my life. I even had a few positive influences in my life that believed in me and pushed me forward.  I even started eating better. Not saying that once I changed my way of thinking things immediately started to change for me, there was a lot of bumps in the road along the way. Once I was able to patch up the road, I was able to keep moving forward. I went to hair school in 2012 and graduated in 2013. Once I graduated, I transferred my license from the state of Ohio to the state of NC.  Im now in business for my self and I’m my own boss!! You don’t have to be what society tells you success is but, if you have the vision and the mind set you can take massive action and be what you want. Have a open mind !


What do we do ?

The asked questions to many looking for answers. Where we come from? How to be? Who to be and how to live. What balance do we have and how to create a balance to live freely with out conditions. Secrets from the past That strangle our future.

What do we do ?

The anxiety of being caught in a trance of an illusion of what happiness is suppose to be.

What happiness is meant for me? who answers that ?

What do we do when all we know is what we were taught ?

Learn new ways i guess.

Is this is a test for freedom?

What is freedom ?

That moment when we are left with no options but are told it’s always options.

What do we do ?